1956: Born in Villach / Carintia / Austria

1974 : Highschool Graduation at Musisch Pädagogischen Gymnasium (Senior High School) in Klagenfurt / Carinthia / Austria

1975 : Studies in USA (Scholarship)

Graduation at St. Francis Highschool, La Canada, California

Studies in Graphical Arts und Painting with Prof. Penny Longpre, Pasadena, California

Decision to become a teacher and an artist.

1975 – 1978 : Studies at the  Pedagogical Academy at Klagenfurt

Studies of Painting with Prof. Siegfried Tragatschnig (Viennese School at the  Academy with Albert Paris Gütersloh)

Diploma for Teaching  Art (Bachelor’s in Art)

1979 – 1980 : Teacher and  Artist in Klagenfurt

First Public Exhibition in the Gallery of Stadthaus in Klagenfurt (Oilpaintings)

1981- 1982: He moves to Upper Carinthia (Möllbrücke, Spittal/Drau / Carinthia)

Teacher at  Junior High School, Möllbrücke, Carinthia

Teacher at Adult Education Centre for Painting   (Technique of watercolouring) and artist

1983 : Paintings for  „Cafe Central“, Hotel Kreinerhof, Möllbrücke - glas paintings (7 windows each 20 x 20 inches)

and prints) 

1984 – 1985: Private and public paintings for portraits (Oil on canvas)

1986 : Public exhibition at  Bank of Carinthia, Spittal/Drau (Oil paintings)

1987 : Public exhibition at the Raiffeisen Bank Lurnfeld, Möllbrücke (Oil paintings and watercolours)

1988 : Public exhibition at the  Gallery „Salamankakeller“, Spittal/Drau (Oil paintings and watercolours)

1989 : Public exhibition for„Amnesty International“, Spittal/Drau (watercolours)

1990 : Trip to the South of France (Haut de Provence)

1991 : Public exhibition at Pedagogical Academy, Klagenfurt (Oilpaintings)

1992 : Public exhibition at „Putzenhof“, Grosskirchheim, Carinthia (Oil paintings and watercolours)

1993 – 2001 : Private and public paintings  (Portraits, Prints) – the paintings and prints are in Germany, Switzerland and  Vienna

In this period intensiv work in pedagogical art  (working, painting, beeing creativ,  with children and adults)

Lectures for the further education of teachers (how to teach art), Publications of concepts for the creativ work with children

2002 : Public exhibition at Gut Moserhof, Penk, Carinthia (Slogan: „Art in a Barn")

2003 : Public art „Wall painting“ at Event Centre at Möllbrücke, Carinthia

(Wallpainting Theme: „Lurnfelder Wind“, 39,3 x 13 feet wall, consists of 12 elements, abstract painting)

Participation at  Bodypainting Festival, Obervellach, Carinthia

2004 : Public exhibition at Castle Drauhofen, Spittal/Drau (Theme: „Symbols of the Farmer's Life – Oilpaintings and watercolours)

Public exhibition „Carinthian Harvest“, Obervellach, Carinthia (Oilpaintings)

2005 : Designing  work for the project  "First Holiday Resort for Families at Penk, Carinthia, Family Hartweger – "Gut Moserhof".
22 Prints  (Wood, Monotype) for the Holiday resort (Hunting, Fishing, Weavers, Mill, Alpine chalet, Forest hut)

2006 : Oi painting „Tryptichon – The great Fire“ for  Gut Moserhof, Penk, Carinthia

(Oilpaintings on wood boards, 4 paintings (two 40 x 20 inches, one   40 x 30 inches)

2007 : Public exhibition at Kolbnitz (home village)

Building up own gallery rooms

Public work of 3 glass windows for the chapel at the holiday resort  at  "Gut Moserhof", Penk, Carinthia. 3 glass (coloured glass) windows (leadlighting in old tradition, 3 windows each 22 x 48 inches; black-stain - painting on coloured glass). Theme: 3 Holy Figures (St. Hemma, patron saint of  Carinthia; St. Florian, patron saint against fire; St. Hubertus, patron saint of hunters.)

2008 : Private art works of portraits in Germany and Austria

Completing own gallery rooms

2009 : Public exhibition in own gallery

2010 : Public exhibition at Spittal/Drau, Carinthia; Furniture store  K&B (Unterlerchner GmbH)

Topic: „Beautiful furniture – beautiful paintings“ – art-craft meets fine arts (oilpaintings and watercolours)

2011: Admission in the gallery "AGORA" (Agora Gallery · 530 West 25th Street · New York, NY 10001 · USA)

2012 - today: commissioned art (concepts and professional advice for using art (paintings) in everyday life)

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