Hemma von Gurk
Heiliger Florian
Heiliger Hubertus
Heiliger Hubertus
Detail of Hemma
Detail Hemmabild
Detail Hemmabild

"Die Heilige Hemma von Gurk" (Schutzpatronin d. Hauses)

"Der Heilige Florian" (Schutzpatron gegen das Feuer)

"Der Heilige Hubertus" (Schutzpatron d. Jäger)

3 Stained-glass (leaded glass) windows for the "Tauerngoldkapelle" at Moserhof, 2007​

This work/project was done in the period of a year. The glass windows were made for the chapel in the holiday resort of "MoserHof". The leadlighting was done by the company Weichsler (Mr. Hermann Gallianer). My part of the work was the artwork (blach stain painting on the glass).   


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​Here are some more pictures  of the glas-stained paintings

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