Presentation of the tryptichon
closed view
opened view
view from the side
The beginning
The Great Fire
Phoenix rises from the ashes
Tryptichon closed
Mölltaler Almlärche
Triptychon (open view)

Triptychon "The Great Fire Desaster at Moserhof“
 Painting: Oil on Wood, September 2005)

The triptychon has 5 paintings (4 paintings: 50x100 cm, 1 painting: 80x100 cm) and shows some symbols of "Moserhof" and the fire desaster in the year 2004.

In the inside of the triptychon on the left side there you can see the history of the farm "Moserhof"; in the middle there is the fire desaster; and on the right you can see the awaking of the "new Moserhof". When the triptychon is closed you can see the basis of the farm today. (on the left: the forest; on the right: cattles "Galloways")     

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