"... being an artist means for me to have a certain attitude to life ..."

That's one important point - the other one is my art work.

My paintings are pictures of our reality, of our world.

They are not more than simply pictures, but also not less than that.

I don't create a new reality or world in my paintings. That - I would say - can only be a kind of arrogance.

But - and this is a fact - I see our world in a completely different way than everybody else.  Thus I tell and show in my art  that I have discovered something new, beautiful, interesting, ... .  

And there is so much more to "see" and to "discover"!

Who says that there is not much more to "see" than that what we can see through our eyes.

I am very curious about what we could discover in addition to and beyond our senses.

© 2017 by W. Tiefnig, Kärnten, Austria

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